Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


“The founders are from widely different backgrounds and life experiences, who deeply appreciate the importance of self-reliance in generating opportunities and income in ones own life.  We recognize the need to have a stable life and job to meet our needs – but recognize the far greater and deep seated want to Invest in Adventure, even when it comes to making money on the side.  We believe in “Sidelines” – part-time money making opportunities that often cultivate a different but equally important part of our overall talents and passion for life.
The community surrounding this web site, and the services offered are designed to facilitate students’ ability to earn money by starting a small, enjoyable, sustainable business (“sideline”) while still in school.  This provides not only cash to help with costs (and reducing student loans!), but also serves as an introduction to the applied management skills that will stand them in good stead throughout whatever life they pursue.

Jim Clark


Jim’s distinguished career prepared in him in many ways to become a founder of Student Sidelines. Once a Professor of Business at the University of Washington, he started a number of ventures, most prominently the Moss Bay Rowing, Kayaking and Sailing Center in Seattle. He has authored a book called “Corrupt High School Coaches and how to overcome them”.  He also has actively participated in SCORE which provides complimentary mentoring for small business developers Jim is often invited to speak about a number of topics at local colleges, including the experiences of promoting sidelines.

Conley Oliver


Conley is the Director of Basketball at Agoura High and the Founder of the successful of Hi Definition Basketball Program. He has held a number of entrepreneurial positions including Independent Insurance Consultant, Mortgage Originator and Mortgage Broker. He has been involved in Sidelines throughout his career, always looking for additional ares of adventure while holding full time positions. He has a continuing interest in assisting young adults realize their potential and be prepared to deal with the uncertainties of college scholarships and self-funding one’s college education.

Jenna Bandy

Head JV Coach and Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball coach at Agoura High School, and has been honored Coach of the Year in the competitive Marmonte League.

She is a 2015 graduate of Cal State Monterey in Communications, with emphasis on Journalism and Media. She played on a basketball scholarship, in spite of recoveries from knee injuries.

Jenna also runs a successful Sideline, emphasizing Basketball Skill Fundamentals. Trainees flock to this top 3 all time scorers for her team collegiate team. Jenna’s personal motto is “if you put in the work, the results will come.” -Michael Jordan. Her goal is to push individuals to their full potential, developing confidence and competence. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Her brother Jett plays Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Angels.

Sully Clark


Sully is currently a student at the University of Washington studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He did his own Sideline while in high school and serves as a student Founder of this venture.

John-Arthur Ingram


John-Arthur is a freelance screenwriter and student mentor for writing skills. He comes from a family of educators and counselors. As an Air Force child, he spent many of his formative years abroad. He has worked as a journalist and had sidelines while involved with some of his other activities. He is a former elite soccer player.

im Clark



Amy Poffenbarger

Founder, Author, Freelance Writer

Amy became a life-long writer at the age of 12 with her first book, Adventures of the Magic Dime, which won first place in a write-a-book contest. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and has written hundreds of articles for national and regional publications. Her guidebook, Mountain Biking Washington, (Falcon Books) has been published in three editions. Amy was the senior staff writer for University of Washington Medical Center and then Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for nearly 16 years. Today she is hard at work earning her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and hopes to publish her first novel in the near future.