Why Sidelines rather than a part-time job?

Both are valuable career advancing stepping-stones, except Sidelines allow you to also: 1) set your own work schedule and desired profitability; 2) steer your own evolving business goals and success; and 3) gain important career knowledge and experience at effectively applying business management principles.

And Why Explore the Site?th

On this complimentary site you will enjoy reviewing new Blog Posts each week about skills and principles other small business developers are successfully using. And you or your group will experience the challenge and fun in building your own Sideline through our detailed 8-step Recipe – to be entered in the Sideline $1,000 Scholarship


ShowPhotoTo help with your Sideline design, our ever-changing Sideline Stories provide models and methods for crafting a successful sideline with no prior business experience. The Blog highlights articles about small business approaches. Additionally, our Student Forum puts you in touch with other Sideliners and business experts in our confidential community-based discussion groups, that will help answer your questions about design, implementation, money, and how to quickly overcome mistakes along the way. Lastly, the online Studio will point you to numerous resources for developing applied management skills, with articles, clips, examples, tutorials and practice exercises that are invaluable for Sideline development.

Join our community now, and explore the world of Sidelines!

Please remember – Sidelines are not get-rich quick schemes, or activities designed to distract you from your current academic goals. We believe in school. While our goal for you includes making some profit wiHappy girl laughingwithin 3 months, all the Sideline resources are intended to have this money-making adventure be something you thoroughly enjoy – part-time.

By learning and applying Sideline development skills with and through other subscribers to the site, you will gain both courage and savvy in growing a sideline business.


Remember – Curiosity about “work” is a natural and normal part of our childhood. As a young child you may have enjoyed selling or drinking lemonade from a homemade street-corner stand. Now you can do the real thing.

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