Video Marketing 2017 – What you need to know to create content and get it seen.

70% of all online traffic is video! 

Video Marketing is becoming the primary way to get business and have clients understand your product.  Have a service?  You need a video.  Have a product?  You need to explain how it works with video.  Have an email marketing list?  90% of people respond to emails with a video.

Think about this:  One two and a half minute video can replace 10 full pages of text.

This workshop will give you all the tools you need to create a video for your business and GET IT SEEN!

  • Learn what makes a good video for YouTube and how to get it seen

  • Learn how Facebook Live is one of the best tools you are not using

  • Create and edit professional looking videos using only your cell phone.

  • Learn one simple secret that you can do right now to help promote your business.

  • Get resources you need to create dynamic video marketing – even if you have no experience!

Andros Sturgeon, founder of Starchild Interactive and Justin Womack of Coaching Biz Mastery will take you through the process of creating video content or have it created for you.

Have a video created for you or your company by the end of the weekend!