Your business has a story. Starchild Interactive will tell it in the best way possible.

Advertising and marking and branding are changing drastically.  Old marketing styles don’t work anymore.  Millennials (people 35 and under) make up 61% of all purchases made and that number is only going to go up. What most marketeers don’t understand about this new generation is that they respond to brands by how they feel when they make their purchases.  Starchild Interactive understands that this feeling happens through your story.  We are here to help you tell it to the world,

Web Development

You are going to need more than a web site.  You are going to need something quick and responsive, that conforms to any screen.  You are going to need a dynamic interface, that is easy to navigate. You will need the ability to blog, and connect the site to all of your social media. Of course it will need to be Search Engine Optimized.

Starchild Interactive can build you the perfect site, that will be the tool you need for personal success.

Most of all, we will build something simple, that you can understand, quickly learn how to use, and become empowered to maintain the site yourself.

Our Process

  • Ideation

    Together, we figure out the best digital strategy for you

  • Like our proposal and mock-ups

    Once we get your OK, we go to work

  • The build out

    The SCI labs go to work for you

  • Final aproval

    We will go over new creation and get a final checklist to finish the project.

  • Launch your digital self

    Once your digital self is created, we help you achave

Social Media Marketing

Do you or your company have a social media strategy? Are you using Facebook only? How much engagement do you really have?  Starchild Interactive can create a digital strategy for your social media.  We can figure out which platform or combination of platforms is best for you.  We will clear up any confusion, teach you how to use it and empower you to become master of your own social media destiny .

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is useless if people cant find you.  Starchild Interactive uses best practices and the latest techniques to get you seen by search engines and social networks.


Image matters. Starchild Interactive can capture the essence

of you, your product or your service.

Headshots, products, business advertising or special events,

Starchild Interactive’s expert camera people will make you look your best.


Why storytelling?  

Business Analysis and Analytics…

If you can measure it, you can improve it.  We can provide you with the tools to help you gain insight, then improve upon what’s working for you.

Original Production

Starchild Interactive creates original production that can serve as platforms for much larger messages.

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