Andros and Iris, Iris and Andros that’s AIIA!!

Welcome to the AIIA podcast. This is the absolutely, 100% true love story filled with whimsical adventures, serendipitous happenings, and of course, true love. With this podcast, we are here to help to have an open dialog with subjects that you might not be able to talk about with others. Ranging from psychedelics, conscious business, parenting, spirituality, and communication. With every episode, we hope to give you a few takeaways and learnings or at least have a lot of fun. 

Our Nine Rules

Right after we met we came up with our nine rules. We apply our nine rules in our conscious business and personal life. We also turned our nine rules into a podcast.

Episode 0 - an introduction
Episode 1 - Communicate honestly & clearly
Episode 2 - Trust your intuition
Episode 3 - Always give something back
Episode 4 - Add value
Episode 5 - Do the work
Episode 6 - Live by your values and your story
Episode 7 - Embrace change and be flexible
Episode 8 - Love what you do
Episode 9 - Bring joy


two people in love, living a conscious life!