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Meet the Sturgeons

Nice to meet you! We are Andros & Iris Sturgeon. We work according to our own 9 principles. Also called “the 9 rules of a conscience business”. We use this in everything we do. For our own company and how we live our lives. You can hear all about the rules in our Podcast. If this also suits you, we would like to work with you.

Meet us

Andros Sturgeon

Andros Sturgeon

Founder & CEO

| Digital MarCom Specialist | Business consultant | LinkedIn Specialist | Public Speaker | Writer | Podcast Host

Iris Sturgeon

Iris Sturgeon


Business consultant |  Branding Specialist | HR professional, Coach | Trainer |  Podcaster

Our Nine Rules

Right after we met we came up with our nine rules. We apply our nine rules in our conscious business and personal life. We also turned our nine rules into a podcast.

Communicate honestly & clearly
Trust your intuition
Always give something back
Do the work
Add value
Live by your values and your story
Embrace change and be flexible
Love what you do
Bring joy

What We Do Best

Brand Design & Strategy

Podcast Marketing


Authentic Storytelling

1:1 Coaching

LinkedIn Marketing

Events life streaming

Website Development

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